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Solar Panel 1 With Microinverter

Solar Panel 2 Without Microinverter


DC Cables

DC input

AC Output

Mounting Structure

AC Cable w/plug

Product Specifications


Package weight

30 kg / box.

PV Module Specifications

PV module power (Pmax)

PV module model

PV module technology

2 X 435 Wp



Micro Inverter Specifications

Rated output power

Nominal output voltage

Nominal Frequency

Maximum output current

Micro inverter model

800 W

240 / 230 / 220 Volts

60 / 60 Herts

3.64 Amps



Yes 0.8HP motor can run on LUMINOUS system.

0.8HP = 596.56 watts

And Total capacity of LUMINOUS system is 800 watts.

Total capacity of LUMINOUS system is 800 watts.

LUMINOUS system peak efficiency is 96.7%

No, you don’t need any qualified technician team for installation, As LUMINOUS system comes pre-assembled package just fix the support and connect to power outlet to use as mentioned in installation details.

Solar energy systems will capture and convert sunlight even on rainy / Cloudy days. The amount of electricity that they produce will be much less efficient than sunny days. But our LUMINOUS system can produce enough amount of power during these rainy / Cloudy days.

LUMINOUS System can be easily relocated due its special design structure which can be folded and transported to any location.

The best setup to install LUMINOUS System on a household roof would be if your home has a large, south-facing or southwest-facing roof that does not have any obstructions that cause shade, with a 30-degree pitch. It would be ideal if the roof was also in new or good condition as well.

A LUMINOUS system typically requires very little maintenance and are incredibly durable. If possible, we do recommend getting your panels cleaned once or twice a year.  Using your garden hose should be enough to rinse your panels. If you’d like to do a deeper clean, we recommend using a 1-part vinegar, 2-parts water solution every six months to reduce mineral deposits and keep your panels operating at maximum efficiency. 
We recommend that any rinsing be done in the early morning while the panels are still cool.

LUMINOUS system Solar panels are typically guaranteed to last for 25 years. Even after 25 years, your solar panels would still produce 75-80% of its original performance. Not only will your solar panels last for decades, but it will also continue to perform highly.

The installation itself should take less than 1 hour.

Solar Energy is a Renewable energy. Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. Solar power generation produces no greenhouse gas emissions or air pollution therefore are healthy for the environment and will assist the fight against Global Warming.

Thus, choosing LUMINOUS system will lead you to reduce greenhouse gas.