Electrical System Audit

Electrical System is an essential entity for all types of buildings. Over a period of time, electrical systems become vulnerable to losses which can affect both quality and efficiency. Sun Capture offers auditing services for the current energy consumption and provide solutions to achieve collateral savings.

HVAC System Audit

HVAC is an indispensable system for creating and maintaining a comfortable environment within a building. We provide walk through auditing and thorough inspection of the HVAC system, and propose energy saving solutions by eliminating energy losses and upgrading the existing HVAC equipment to the latest energy efficient devices.

Lighting System Audit

Sun Capture provides operational cost reduction techniques for all types of lighting systems. By conducting in-depth lighting assessments, our engineers ensure that all lighting equipment are high efficacy lighting fixture for all sorts of facilities.

Motors and Drives System Audit

Sun Capture Engineering expertise provides energy audits for motors and drives such as used in pumps and fans to enhance the efficiency. We offer relevant corrective actions of existing system consumption in order to increase energy savings.

Compressed Air System Audit

Compressed air systems are widely utilized in the industrial sector. Our team of experienced engineers can provide energy saving methods by indicating pressure losses, assess the current design, adopting the latest technology and revamp the operational strategy of the system.

Steam/Hot Water System Audit

Sun Capture put forward a wide variety of energy savings for Steam and Hot water utilities such as boilers and electrical water heaters. We evaluate the system’s energy consumption, detect losses accurately, and upgrading the existing steam and hot water appliances to reach a sustainable process.  (operational strategy)


Cogeneration is achieved when a generating plant is constructed in conjunction with an industrial facility. With our line of Solar expertise, we can provide Solar PV systems for plants and industrial facilities including On-grid and Hybrid systems.