Hybrid Solar: Save on Energy Costs

With hybrid solar systems, Saudi businesses can save a significant amount on their energy costs. As energy costs continue to rise, cutting diesel consumption allows companies see a direct reduction in their energy bill and operating expenditures.

Hybrid Solar: Advantages

Hybrid solar offers the same advantages as off grid solar and diesel applications. Businesses in Saudi Arabia can expect to see these benefits:

  • Lower OPEX then diesel-powered systems
  • Reliable, uninterrupted source of power
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fewer blackouts than diesel-powered systems
  • Higher potential in covering sporadic load demands
  • Lower CAPEX than off-grid solar systems
  • Covers higher loads economically
  • Silent, pollution-free operation

Comprehensive Services: What to Expect

Sun Capture provides a complete solution that goes well beyond simple installation to ensure you achieve the highest ROI possible.

  • 1. Evaluation

    Assessment of your business’ energy consumption & demand.

  • 2. Site survey

    Site visit to determine sun path and the best solar positioning for optimal energy generation.

  • 3. Financial modeling & feasibility study

    Determine your capex, opex, and payback period.

  • 4. System design

    Determine the balance of systems (BOS) and map out custom design specifications.

  • 5. Implementation

    Deliver implementation plan and install all system materials.

  • 6. Audit & evaluation

    Regular check-ins to ensure system is performing to your needs; conduct any up keep needed.

Additional Solar Solutions

On Grid Solar

On grid solar applications connect to the utility grid for a highly cost-effective solution that keeps you powered at all times. Solar panels can be installed in a variety of locations, including rooftops, unused land, parking lots or canopies.

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Off Grid Solar

Off grid solar energy applications are ideal for rural or remote areas with no connection to the power grid. As a standalone system, it draws exclusively on the sun for power, but can be backed up with a storage battery.

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See Our Solar Panels in Action

Sun Capture has successfully provided solar system design, installation and maintenance for a number of clients throughout KSA. View some of our past projects.

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